Spanish Revolution

The 15M movement organizes a demonstration almost a year after it was created. The 15M movement was formed by several people who camped in the centre of Madrid, Puerta del Sol, on May 15th. They were indignant and worried citizens about the critical situation in Spain due mainly to the economic crisis in this society, led by corrupted people in many areas such as politics, banks and big entrepreneurs and even worse, all of them seem to be unpunished for their crimes.

This social phenomenon, who called themselves “The Spanish Revolution” spread quickly from Madrid to other cities of Spain and even all over the world thanks to the new technologies. Free citizens joined the group for minutes, hours or days depending on the time that the person could spend. The most surprising is the fact that the camp was improvised and grew up faster than anyone could expect. This movement joined people from different ages, races, political ideas and from upper to lower classes, all together against the same enemy, a corruption society.

Many people seem to think that the demonstration could change the situation. Although I agree with the main ideas of the movement, I particularly disagree with it reemerge now.

Firstly, the financial crisis has affected every single person not only in Spain, but also in the whole European Union. The situation could not change if we do not modify the system from the bottom but also the mentality.

Secondly, I strongly believe that the movement was created as a result of the financial crisis. Thus, it is a cynic movement created not because of the people, who were fed up with the corruption. On the contrary, the people were run out of money, and when they did not have money to spare they thought about the money wasted in the previous years by politicians but not by themselves. Personally, I think that the popular uprising would not be possible meanwhile they have money.

Thirdly, despite of the wide movement´s famous, the goals have not been achieved. It has not got a real solution. We still have the same problems or even more. The election Law has not been modified. The financial crisis is bigger than a year before and the foresight is that it will be growing during the next months. Corruption is still alive as a part of the human being.

Therefore, we could easily imagine that a new demonstration will not be able to change the current situation, no matter the time the camp lasts.

In conclusion, I would like to end with a quotation of Joseph Fouché:

«Everyone can be bribed or corrupted for a certain price».

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