Where Eagles Dare (Alistair Maclean)

Following with my task of reading in english, I have already finished the book titled Where Eagles Dare. A 2000 words book written by Alistair Maclean.

Maybe it is familiar to you the film of 1968 with Clint Eastwood in the main role.

 The story is set in German, during the Second War World. Seven men are chosen to release the General Carnaby, the American brain behind the ‘Second Front’, who has been trapped behind the enemy lines and has been taken for interrogation to the «Schloss Adler» (‘The Castle of the Eagle«). This team of seven men (six British, and one American Ranger) is led by Major Smith, who as soon as he is dropped into the mountains close to the Schloss Adler, and after being killed mysteriously two of the members, he will realize that some double agent is within its ranks.

The plot has an unexpected twist which, at the end of the book, reader reaches to uncover who is the real mole.

You might enjoy with this amusing script. It is a fascinating thriller and it is difficult to put it down. That´s why I disagree with the idea express by the author among its lines:


«The moment of truth… One book should be enough«.


Novel: Where Eagles Dare

Author: Alistair Maclean

Category: Thriller

Recommendation: The best way of improving english.

Perfect book in order to motivate reading in english.

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