Three Men in a Boat (Jerome K. Jerome)

Trying to improve my english, I have already read the book entitled «Three Men in a Boat», by Jerome K. Jerome, in the retold version by Diane Mowat.

The plot revolves around the adventures of Three friends (George, Harris and Jerome, the writer) and of course, their pet (a dog called Montmorency). They planned to make a journey up the Thames in a small boat. Before they planned their holidays it appears like an idyllical trip through the river. But instead of their feelings, the journey will turned into a several incidents and amusing episodes, which -as the blurb says- are writer´s experiences.

This famous book not only incorporate the lives and thoughts of these three characters through strange short passages, but also they could be taken in a currently situation from your own memories.

Nevertheless, the Stream of Consciousness used (inserting on the text anecdotes from other time periods), sometimes makes the reading slow.

He even touches on hypochondria in an ironical way: 

«… It is a most extraordinary thing, but every time I read about an illness, I realize I have it too – and that my symptoms are very bad! In fact, my health has always been a worry…»


Novel: Three Men in a Boat

Author: Jerome K. Jerome

Category: Humour/Adventures

Recommendation: Reading material for those who want to begin reading in English. In spite of being an old book, the humour is fresh and amusing.

This is my first review in english. I hope I didn´t make mistakes.

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